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Those Romans knew their shit!

I’m loving this project and your pursuit of personal truth and recognition. Super cool.

I’m hooked on the story — your seeking of answers, questioning of “proofs”, notions of remembering and reporting — and all the personal stuff in between that you have the balls to share. .

I think you really found your writing groove this week, despite your saying it was one of the the toughest thing you ever wrote. I loved your lead on “firsts”. I steeped on every one.

I’m experiencing your series of posts like a podcast on “paper” Hooks, hangers, facts and musings… I can’t wait for the next episode! Well done!

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Love these Sean. Thanks you for sharing!

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U r an amazing person Sean… good luck in finding the information you need … looking forward to more

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Sean, I can't imagine the amount of work you had to put in both mentally and physically post accident. You're amazing !

I'm sure the lawyer who had your case will have the majority of the info you're looking for. Wishing you good luck in finding everything you're looking for 🤞🤞

I look forward to your posts on Sunday, it's my new wind down !


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I'll never forget that accident and hearing about how you had almost died. They said that you ended up in a puddle and a nurse was there in one of the cars to pull you out and prevent you from drowning. Your friends at work and I were all so grateful that you lived. I hope you find all of the answers that you seek. Sandi ❤️

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