It's time to talk about Canada’s dirty little secret

January 2023

"Lock the doors and don’t let anyone in the car, okay?"
So about that book that ignited a global panic over satanic cults in the 1980s...
“They were going to steal children from the hospital”

December 2022

And a short love letter to movie watching during the holidays
Browse to the end for the secret lives of cuckolds
Second chances, Satanic love affairs, and the end of the world

June 2022

Here, at last, is one of the ghosts I've been searching for...

May 2022

Do you believe in ghost stories?
Would you believe me if I told you that this was a love story?

April 2022

About that January morning I was walking on the shoulder of a highway...

March 2022

The fourth part of a story about family secrets and childhood misunderstandings